stares at the wall

my paris trip 100% fixed my sleeping schedule which means that it’s 1:45am and i am so tired i can barely see. i do not know why but i feel the need to complain about this

before going to bed because srsly. ah. what even. this hasn’t happened since… june last year?? probably??? wow. good night.

Anonymous asked: wow :0 but yeah living there is hell, people arent very nice either... also about a combination of the three, i think maybe berlin from what i've heard? i havent been there but apparently it's pretty cheap, lotsa things to do like almost too much, people are nice, it's dreamy... well i've heard that from different people that didnt know each other so i guess that's something? :'D i really wanna go there now. i wanna live in london later :'0 the only downside is how expensive it is...

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Chris & Karen - Guardians of the Galaxy Photocall - July 25th 2014

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i started watching the strain and i kept staring at one of the actors and i was like. dude i know you from somewhere. who are you. come on. AND THEN I REALIZED IT WAS SAMWISE GAMGEE blah lotr feelings attack ;UUUU;

Anonymous asked: yk, i live in france and i lived in paris and honestly i so wish i could go away i dont understand why people like this country so much it sucks D: but at least the tour de france is kinda cute, they came through my little town in southern france all the old folks were out it was fun :'D

oh bab ;UUU; i think almost everyone feels that way about their country? tbh paris is my favorite place in the world to escape to and forget about real life stuff (i’m not exaggerating, i’ve been to paris 6 times and to me, it’s the most magical forget-all-problems place in the world. i adore it). but i don’t think i’d actually want to live there? like to me it’s like, london - i could live here; paris - i could dream here; prague - i could have fun here. does that make sense?? (i have yet to find a place that would be a combination of all three. fingers crossed that i find that in canada when i go there one day UvU)

ANYWAY tour de france is the only sport-y thing i am passionate about (that and figure skating) and it means SO MUCH to me that i could be there and see it. ngl i had to wipe away a tear or two when they first arrived at champs elysees. ;UUU;

but like can we talk about how i was at champs elysees and. actually experienced tour de france like. that happened. i was there. I WAS THERE. 

/lies down and sobs down my tdf shirt


Peter Sagan & Vincenzo Nibali